connection classes

Connection Classes are short-term studies designed to connect people on a Sunday morning around a particular topic of interest. Below is a list of the classes we plan to offer. All classes meet from 9:30-10:30am on Sunday mornings.

There's no need to sign up: just show up! Excellent activities for children of all ages are offered concurrently.

scheduled classes

Event Date Event Description
May 28 9:30am*Financial Stewardship (connection class)
Christ, knowing our hearts, spoke often of how those around him viewed money. In financial blessing or hardship God can use our stewardship of His resources to bring our hearts and lives in conformity to His will. Join us as we discuss how to manage our finances in wise, God honoring ways.

Lead By: Tad Skinner
Location: Northeast Wing, 1300 S. Mill Ave
May 28 9:30am*Loving the Way Jesus Loves (connection class)
How we "love" serves as both a path towards and the greatest outward indicator of our spiritual maturity. This class will take an in-depth look at love, as exemplified by Jesus. How did Jesus show that love is not easily angered or that love always hopes? And, how does that help us to love one another (as Jesus instructed)? Join us as we study and discuss "Loving the Way Jesus Loved."

Lead By: Pat Nickel
Location: Southeast Wing, 1300 S. Mill Ave
*Recurring event - only next date shown

Please contact the church office if you have questions or would like additional information.